Multi-purpose School Auditorium Project

Latest picture show significant progress of the Construction of the BFHS Multi-Purpose Hall.

Classrooms’ Chairs and Tables Project

Overview Plan for BFHS (Almost Completed)

Up School!

1. North America Chapter donated one thousand (1000) dictionaries/gazetteers to Birch Freeman High School for the 2014-2015 School Year.

This dictionary and gazetteer has the 32,000 words in “The Best Dictionary for Students.” It also includes treaties about the environment, facts about land and water conditions in the countries of the world, information about animals that live in nine habitats on the seven continents, and information about the Earth and its atmosphere.

  • N.A. Chapter Donated 1000 Dictionaries/Gazetteers to BFHS

  • Mr. Feyisola O. Dinyo, BIFOBA president, presenting donated dictionaries/gazetteers to Mrs. M. A. Ibrahim, BFHS junior school principal.

2. NA Chapter Created Official Website for the Alumni Association (BIFOBA)

North America chapter created an official website – – for Birch Freeman high School Old Boys’ Association (BIFOBA) as part of its complementary program to the national headquarter in Nigeria, to this day.

Up North America!

3. North America Chapter Donated N3.5 Million Musical Equipment to BFHS

BFHS’ Musical Equipment Launched

At the 2016 old students’ “Home-Coming” event, BIFOBA unveiled at the multi-purpose BFHS’ auditorium the N3.5 million musical equipment donated by North America chapter for the launching of 30-student musical orchestration of Birch Freeman High School.

A few years back, NA chapter launched a campaign for a “Solar Power Project” for BFHS. Unfortunately, the chapter was unable to raise enough money for the project. During 2015 NA reunion in Atlanta, BIFOBA president [then], Mr. Feyisola Dinyo, informed NA members that the school’s choir needed musical instruments. After the reunion, the chapter decided to use the money previously raised and saved for the “Solar Power Project’ to purchase “Musical Equipment” for the school. Click To See: Names of Solar Power Contributors

Up North America Chapter!

01. UK chapter organized health care check-up for both students and staff of Birch Freeman High School

Labor Of Love mission visited Birch Freeman High School on Monday, May 12, 2014 for their Youth Medical Outreach Program. The visitation was organized by Mr. Theo Odunlami, interim president of UK chapter.

BIFOBA is excited about this opportunity afforded to BFHS.

02. Labors of Love Mission Visited Birch Freeman High School

Labors of Love Mission’s Official Attending to BFHS student.

03. UK Chapter donated Anatomy Skeleton to biology laboratory.

BIFOBA president, Mr. Feyisola Dinyo, presenting the “Anatomy Skeleton” to both the biology teachers and students of BFHS.

01. Football Field Project: Sponsored By 1992 Set

Photo:1992 set Football Field Project.

The 1992 set is developing a Football Pitch for Birch Freeman High School in celebration of their Silver Jubilee (25 years graduation from BFHS).

02. Multi-purpose Court Project: Sponsored By 1976 Set

Photo: Multi-purpose Court

The multi-purpose court (basketball, volleyball and lawn tennis) was conceived by the 1972-76 sets of Bifoba to mark the 40th anniversary of their passing out of the school. It was completed and handed over on the 29th April 2016 at the annual school reunion.

03. Auditorium Borehole Project: Sponsored By Engr. Theo Odunlami

Photo: The Borehole project during construction – sponsored by Theo Odunlami

Engr. Theo Odunlami, former interim president of UK chapter, single-handedly sponsored the borehole project for the school auditorium. The borehole now supplies water to the new auditorium toilets.

04. Auditorium Toilet-room Renovation Project: Sponsored by 1977 set

Photo: Completed Auditorium Toilets Renovation – Sponsored by 1977 Set

1977 set sponsored the completion of the entire toilet facilities of the new auditorium. The project, which cost far more than the original quotation, was completed before the successful 2017 Homecoming Ball.

05. Auditorium Project: Supports from 1982 and 1983 sets

1982 set paid for the completion of the ten windows and the swing door on the left side of the Auditorium while 1983 set took care of the “Round Office” on the Mushin side of the Auditorium.

Also, North America chapter paid for the placements of the back room windows and the back room swing doors of the new auditorium.

06. 1971 set Donated Electrical Resistors to Physics Laboratory