2014 NA Report By the President & Memphis Reunion’s Minutes

North America President’s 2014 Reflection

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NA President: 2014 End of the Year’s Report

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bifoba NA chapter’s President’s Desk

2014 Reflection from the President

Looking back at 2014, I believe the year has been a busy and successful year for Bifoba NA chapter.

We have come a long way and still have a lot to accomplish as a growing association. I will encourage all present members to make it a promise to themselves to at least bring two new members every year to join the association – with more members we can accomplish more.

Accomplishments over the past year:

Membership increased
More constructive and positive discussions
Financial and moral supports for our departed members and their families.
Donated dictionaries/gazetteers to the Junior school
Successful and memorable reunion in Memphis, Tennessee.
Goals and Aspirations for 2015:

Family matters (Promote and encourage more time spending with family)
To create more sub chapters in different cities and states all over North America.
Bifoba NA chapter’s collective aspiration for Birch Freeman High School (Every member is welcome to make suggestions directly to the president and other executive members on issues of interest about the chapter and BIFOBA in general).
As a member or mentor, what legacy do we want to be remembered for (Let Question ourselves: what Legacy are we living behind???)
All above mentioned accomplishments could not have been possible without God and the help of each and everyone of you. I am truly honored and blessed. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New year in advance.

Up School !!!

Thank you all.

Niyi Fagbamiye

President Bifoba NA.

Minutes of the Memphis’ Reunuion Attendees                


Benjamin Adadevoh (Class of 1975)

Charles Adadevoh (1977)

Barry Adebowale (1978)

Olumide Aderoba (1977)

Toye Akinsanya (1980)

Kayode Elutilo (1973)

Idowu Etefia (1973)

Ayo Fagbamiye (80)

Niyi Fagbamiye (1983)

Emmanuel Faneye (1977)

Emmanuel Odumosu (1979)

Foluso Adeyemi (1975)

Samuel Ogunyooye (1984)

Adebiyi Olowu (1977)

Alli Oseni (1975)

Dr. Oladayo Shobola (1981)

Francis Van-Lare (1970)


Joe Nwagba (1983)

Demola Oduyebo (1977)

Abbreviated Call-In:

Feyi Dinyo (1975)

Ladipo Lewis (1983)

Meeting minutes

Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye (BIFOBA NA President) called the meeting to order at 1:50 pm and Mr. Ogunyooye said the opening prayers. Attendees sang the school hymn.

Mr. Fagbamiye opened the meeting and:

  • Welcomed attendees to Memphis
  • Expressed his delight about the turnout
  • Touched on the morning devotional service with members and spouses and children
  • Acknowledged the Dallas reunion team
  • Recognized deceased members
  • Acknowledged first-time attendees, Mr. Shobola and Mr. Benjamin Adadevoh
  • Talked of the need to resolve problems amicably; less acrimony in our interactions, avoid email chains
  • Explained that only the association President, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary should be the only individuals sending official (email) communications to Lagos
  • Indicated that more people need to be more involved in  the association

Minutes of 06.21.2014 Meeting – Correction and Adoption

Correction:  None noted.

Adoption: Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye moved a motion to adopt the minutes of the 06.21.2014 general meeting while Mr. Elutilo seconded the motion.

Matters Arising:

Communiqué to Lagos

This is no longer necessary as the subject of the proposed communiqué was to be the sad physical state of the school as well as the unimpressive examination results of the final year students.  As of now, those issues are being addressed.  Please refer to the 06.21.2014 BIFOBA General Meeting Minutes for more information on the underlying issues and the proposed communiqué.

Update on the Dictionary Project (Mr. Oseni):

  • $1,150 cost versus a Project Fund balance of $750, resulting in a shortfall of $400
  • Mr. Van-Lare shipped the dictionaries to Lagos, gratis
  • The dictionaries are in transit
  • The dictionaries will be given out to the junior secondary school students at the beginning of the 2014 school year
  • In addition to the dictionaries, Mr. Oseni included a 20-book encyclopedia set for the benefit of the junior school students

Update on Website (Mr. Oseni):

  • BIFOBA NA now has full control of the website
  • Site architecture and content upload remain a challenge and BIFOBA NA is working with the contracting company to address the challenges

Mr. Adeyemi indicated that the contractor will upload whatever we want them to upload.  Mr. Ayo Fagbamiye suggested that we reach out to the 1980 set to assist with the website and that the 1980 set was just waiting to hear from the leadership.  To which Mr. Adebowale replied that he’d reached out personally to most members of the 1980 set, apparently to no avail.  Mr. Oseni said that the issue of the 1980 set was too intractable and Mr. Adeyemi concluded that the previous website, managed by a member of the 1980 set, was not user friendly.  Mr. Van-Lare volunteered his web develop knowledge to use and promised to assist.

Action items:

Mr. Adeyemi and Mr. Oseni will work with Mr. Van-Lare

Mr. Adebowale, Mr. Adeyemi, and Mr. Oseni will have full access rights to the website

Mr. Adebowale, Mr. Adeyemi, Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye and Mr. Oseni will get administrative rights to the website

Responsible Party: N/A

Due Date: N/A


Mr. Benjamin Adadevoh said he was really impressed with the gathering.

Dr. Shobola asked about the protocol for selecting reunion locations.

Dr. Aderoba wanted to know what to do with the solar fund to which Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye suggested that we should revisit the solar fund, minus the Wi-Fi aspect of the project.  Mr. Faneye indicated that a problem is that we keep changing the goals of the solar fund; it started as an initiative for water supply and to power the toilets and has now morphed to its current iteration of computers and Wi-Fi.  He said that we should stick to something smaller and enhance from that point.  Mr. Oseni said we should shut down the solar fund and use the solar fund proceeds for smaller projects.  Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye suggested that a committee be set up to look at alternatives for the solar fund and report back to the association.

Action item:  Alternatives for the Solar Fund

Responsible Parties: Mr. Akinsanya, Mr. Odumosu, and Mr. Van-Lare

Due Date: Initial ideas by the next general meeting

Volunteers are needed for the post of Publicity Secretary

Finances (Mr. Oseni)

David Lowo Fund  $4,600
Oyakhire Fund   $200
Project Fund  $750
Memphis Reunion$900
Dues Paid to Date  $1,400
Solar Fund$5,400
Bank Balance$5,647.89

Mr. Oseni informed the gathering that Mr. Van-Lare will make up the Lowo Fund by $500.  Mr. Oseni also said that he’d sent the 2013 statement to the late David Lowo for posting on the website.  The statement was, however, not posted.

Mr. Adeyemi said more clarity and transparency are needed so that all members can understand the balance of the BIFOBA NA account balance, the incoming amounts and the expenses.  Mr. Adebowale supported Mr. Adeyemi’s suggestion.  The way the finances are being presented, with all the various fund balances, gives a distorted picture of BIFOBA NA finances. 

Action items:

At every reunion, a full financial statement of the BIFOBA NA finances

By the next general meeting, a full accounting review of BIFOBA NA finances

Responsible Parties: Mr. Elutilo and Mr. Oseni

Due Dates: September 13 and September 20; every reunion thereafter

Reunion 2015: Atlanta, with Mr. Ayo Fagbamiye, Mr. Elutilo, and Mr. Etefia as the point people.

Reunion 2016, Detroit, tentatively

Mr. Ogunyooye moved a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Akinsanya.

Mr. Charles Adadevoh offered closing prayers. 

Meeting notes taken by S. Barry Adebowale, General Secretary

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