February 2017 Briefing of BIFOBA President

Thursday, February 23, 2017



Barrister Kingsley Essien, GP, MGA




My Dear Fellow Old Boys,

May the peace of the Lord continue to be with you.

I am delighted to write to you once again. I pray that this briefing meets all of you in good and perfect health. Please do me a favour. As soon as you receive this briefing, kindly forward same to other Old Boys till it gets to all Old Boys globally. Thank you.


Gentlemen, this month the 6th to be specific, we celebrated our Alma Mater’s 57th Birthday. The event was a huge success. First of all, the ceremony took place inside our Auditorium with all the doors and windows in place. Entertainment was supplied by our students using the musical instruments supplied by us – The North American Chapter.

The preacher was one of us, Major General Paul Toun (Rtd) 1972 set.

The Guest Speaker was one of our former teachers, Mrs. Oluwayemisi Omowo who rose to become one of our Vice Principals. Call it self sufficiency if you like, but I call it the special Grace of God.

The event was well attended. I use this opportunity to thank all of you who found time to attend and remained with us from the beginning to the end. I specially thank Major General Paul Toun for accepting to deliver the Homily and for all his encouragements. Her Excellency the Deputy Governor of Lagos State and Commissioner for Education was ably represented by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education – Mr. Adesina Odeyemi who was amazed at the level of our commitment to our Alma Mater and wished he was one of us.

Our brothers in the UK also celebrated the event in a fantastic way. They had a thanksgiving service in a church owned and presided over by one of our own – Rev. Olu Adams who also preached the Homily. Rev. Olu Adams is of the 1971 set. I want to use this medium to thank the UK Chapter Exco for the very wonderful way they celebrated the Founder’s Day. More grease to your elbows. I advise that all Chapters should in the future celebrate our Founders Day – 6th February. 


2.01. Gentlemen, I urge you to please continue to pray for our 1992 set for God to grant them the ability to deliver on their promise to get our mini stadium ready for commissioning on the 29th of April 2017.

2.02.  I am particularly impressed by the devotion, determination and the sacrifice of the 1992 set and I pray everyday that God in his infinite mercy should make our dreams to come true through the instrumentality of the 1992 set. Amen. 


3.01. I am pleased to inform you that we were able to reward and appreciate our teachers and non-teaching staff during the Founder’s Day. We did that to encourage them to continue with the good work that led to our Alma Mater scoring 100% in their final school certificate examination. I can safely report that they are very pleased with us. Please permit me to use this opportunity to thank all our Old Boys who made it possible for us to fulfil our plans. God bless you all.


4.01. Gentlemen, let me thank one of us. Theo Odunlami who singly sponsored our borehole. The borehole is meant to supply water to our toilet that serves the Auditorium. The truth, however, is that we still have a lot to do to bring our toilet up to standard and ready for our Home Coming. We have a quotation for N600, 000.00 to take care of this project. I hereby appeal for sponsorship. Please call me on 08023043967 or 07080378023. Thank you.


5.01. Gentlemen, when we have a toilet in a marshy area, we must have a cess pool. If we do not, there will be no where to channel the waste. In our case, we have a toilet. We cannot run away from a cess pool where we have to channel the waste from the toilet. We have a quotation for

N650, 000.00 Exco believe sincerely that in view of the traffic we are likely to have during the Home Coming, we should tackle these two projects and complete them before the 29th of April 2017. Please discuss these two projects at your meetings and help make them a reality. Thank you.


6.01. Please refer to my earlier briefing in respect of the above. The date remains Saturday, April 29, 2017. Dinner/gate fee remains N10, 000.00 per couple. A table for 10 i.e. five Old Boys and their spouses cost N100, 000.00. This year’s Home Coming will be Set based. Please get your Sets together and pay in bulk to purchase your tables. I urge you to please pay now to enable the Home Coming Committee, to plan ahead. Please spread the news. Pay into our Zenith Bank Plc A/C No. 1010228516.   


7.01. The celebrating sets are 1977 (40years) 1987 (30years) and 1992 (25years). I call on 1977 and 1987 sets to put themselves together and be prepared for 29th April 2017.


8.01. Gentlemen of BIFOBA in Nigeria, Let me be frank with you. Our attitude to payment of dues is very sad and embarrassing. As I write, I am not sure that up to ten members have paid their dues for this Exco year. It is by the special Grace of God that we have been carrying out the little activities that we report. You will agree with me that without money, your good ideas remain in your head. I hereby plead with you to come to our rescue by paying your dues. Please pay to our Account with Zenith Bank Plc A/C No. 1010228516 and please pay in your name. Dues is N10, 000.00 per Exco year which runs from the 1st of May to the 30th of April of the next year.


9.01. I encourage strong set base. If we have strong sets, that will help Exco. Sets will be able to plan together, and carry out projects that will benefit the Association. Sets will be able to collect dues on behalf of the National Body and remit same. Set meetings should not only be a forum to wine and dine. Rather, Sets should complement the National body just like the chapters are doing. Please think about this and help to move our Association forward.


10.01. You still have the opportunity to partake of this policy. Please pay your premium into our Account with Zenith Bank Plc A/C No. 1010228516 and call me to confirm payment. Please pay in your name. Premium is N10, 000.00.

 11.00. BLAZER

11.01. We are still working on this issue and by the Grace of God. Our Blazers would be ready before the Home Coming. Please pray for us.


12.01. My dear brothers, once again, we thank God for making it possible for us to enter the year 2017. I pray that all of us will see the end of this year in good health and happiness. We have been able to achieve quite a lot because of our unity of purpose. I pray that we remain united because together we serve better and achieve more. Thank you for the confidence you continue to repose in me and my Exco. God bless you all. Amen.

Yours Sincerely,



Barr Kingsley Essien, MGA

Global President


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