First NA Reunion (2007): Thank You Letter By Femi Morgan

August 31, 2007. Dear Friends, 

This is to express my sincere appreciation and that of the entire executive, for your attendance of our first General assembly held recently in New Jersey. It was wonderful to be able to match names with faces. I believe it was quality time well spent for a good cause.

My special thanks go to Mr. & Mrs. Seyi Sokan for their hospitality and ensuring that we had a successful meeting. This is the beginning of a long rescue mission, to restore the glory of our dear school. We have to sacrifice and make difficult decisions, but whatever we decide should be in the best interest of generations of students that will pass through this school.

We will ensure transparency in our operations and maintain direct regular communication with the Association’s executives in Nigeria. Only authentic information will be disseminated directly or approved for circulation, by the office of President. If you have information that can be of great benefit to the association, please do not hesitate to share it with the executive. The most important challenge we have now is to drive membership, more aggressively than ever before.

There is strength in numbers and every one of us needs to take this as an important challenge. Please help spread the word to old students you know all over the world. Refer them to our website, tell them about the monthly Conference call etc. I pray, in the name of Jesus, that God will grant us wisdom and understanding, direct our path, empower us and make us true blessing to our dear old school. Amen. Thank you for being path of this noble cause. Regards, Femi Morgan President BIFOBA N.A Tel: 708 331 2312 Fax: 708 331 0364

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