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Memphis 2014

Memphis 2014: NA Reunion’s Report

On Friday, July 18 through Sunday, July 20, 2014, (BIFOBA) North America chapter organized the seventh alumni reunion in Memphis, Tennessee. The event was held at Homewood Suite, Hilton Hotel in Memphis. Alumni, families and friends across North America gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the past, review the present, and look toward the successful future for the chapter and BIFOBA as a whole.

On Friday of the event, members started arriving at the venue as early as 8 am. By 2 pm, members already gathered in the hall of the venue, exchanging pleasantries, regaling one another with tales of their times at BFHS, and wearing T-shirt (dedicated in honor of the two departed illustrious members:  Dr. Igbuan Oyakhire and Ras. David Tunde Lowo).

By 4 pm, it was a fun time: alumni, families, and friends gathered by the swimming pool of the hotel for a delicious cook out of “Suya” meat, roasted plantains and corns, mixed vegetable salads and fruits, along with red and white variety of great Italian wine. The cookout celebration continued until early Saturday morning.

On Saturday, breakfast was ready by 6 am and, by 8:30 am, morning session of the reunion kicked-off with a prayer. After prayer, Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye, North America President, reminded members of the theme of the 2014 reunion: “Living In America”. The “theme” denotes the daily essential of making a quality living pertaining to – Physical Health Check-up, Estate Planning, Family Togetherness and, much more, the NA president explained.

During the session, Dr. Olumide Aderoba talked extensively on the essentials of having regular medical check-up and the importance of doing annual (medical) physical, while Mr. Kayode Elutilo and Mr. Barry Adebowale (CPA) spoke at great length on the importance of having a good personal financial planning, a living will, and a power of attorney respectively. 

By 11 am, the session ended and immediately followed by refreshments of a variety of sandwiches and snacks, with cool drinks (plus wine) to wash it down.

The annual general meeting of the reunion began at 2 pm, with a prayer from Pastor Samuel Ogunyooye. With many members across North America joining the meeting via satellite telephone-conference, members deliberated extensively on the accomplishments of the chapter, reviewed the present, and discussed about future programs and the overall successful future for the chapter and BIFOBA as a whole. Members discussed thoroughly on how the chapter could improve on its financial reporting.

At the end of the general meeting, alumni in Atlanta, led by Mr. Idowu Etefia, expressed their wish to host the next reunion again. Since there was no other city vying with them, all members voted for Atlanta, Georgia to host 2015 reunion.

One of the climaxes of the general meeting was when BIFOBA president Mr. Feyisola Dinyo called in from Nigeria. All members were thrilled to hear his voice and thanked him for his excellent leadership. The president apologized for his inability to attend this year NA reunion, and specially thanked the host of the reunion: Dr. Olumide Aderoba and Mr. Charles Adadevoh. BIFOBA president urged members to spare a thought for our dear departed Colleagues (Mr. Lowo and Dr. Oyakhire). The president gave members a brief update on the events at the national level and wished everybody a very successful reunion. (Expect news on national events as reported by BIFOBA president)

Shortly after President Feyi Dinyo’s call, the national vice-president Mr. Ladi Lewis (government affairs) also called in from Nigeria. Mr. Ladi Lewis wished all members a happy reunion.

By 4 pm, the annual general meeting of North America chapter was over and followed immediately with another light refreshments and photo session.

The main event took off at 7:30 pm, with a prayer and singing of the school’s hymn. After singing, Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye (North America chapter’s president) delivered his speech. He thanked members and their families for coming and officially welcomed everybody to the 2014 reunion.

After the NA president’s speech, the buffet party took off in a grand style. Members ate, drank, exchanged pleasantries, and socialized (dance, dance, dance) all night long until early Sunday morning.

During the buffet party, live band show from Mr. Benjamin Adadevoh and his wife, children game competitions, raffles, and auction sales – all these activities –  added colors and excitements to the grand occasion.

By 5:30 am on Sunday, the 2014 North America chapter’s reunion in Memphis, Tennessee finally ended.

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