My Seven-Year Period


Motto: Trained for duty and for thee…


Dear Freemen,

My seven-year period as the general secretary (NA chapter) had been a rewarding, enjoyable, and challenging experience.

I found all my academic background put to good use and the freedom to innovate (which you great freemen across the globe encouraged) a delightful situation.

Even though I spent a considerable portion of my time writing correspondences, summoning meetings, attending, recording and keeping minutes of all such meetings, I nevertheless involved in a wide variety of communication tasks. These tasks included welcoming all new alumni on the website, announcing and broadcasting all of BIFOBA events (national, chapters, and graduation sets), creating and writing news stories of interest to members, editing and promoting BIFOBA website (headlines, texts, artworks, and layout); tracking site visitors and many more.

These written messages are the ones that reached the global audience with the greatest initial impact and long-term influence, resulting in good image of BFHS embedded in their minds.

Having said this, there is a beginning and an ending to everything. Last Saturday in Dallas, NA chapter has a new general secretary. The new secretary is an alumnus of a good character: a man of integrity; he is equal to the tasks.

Before I finally dropped-out of the picture from this very moment, I would like to thank you all great freemen across the globe for your supports, and the friendship showed to me: it went beyond anything I had expected.

Finally, I want to thank my good friends: Dr. Olumide Aderoba for his wonderful support of me, Dr. Chinedu Ndubuisi Okere and Ras. David Tunde Lowo for their remarkable contributions to the richness of our website.


Up School! Up BIFOBA!

Foluso Adeyemi ’75set

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