Nostalgia to Gov. Babatunde Fashola


I have seen governments come and go.

Also, vultures and weaverbirds.

Truly, I have seen wolves

in sheep apparel

Right here on this plain

of surging storm.

What you see is what you get.

I have seen dying seas

and hurrricane.

Seen plenty harvests and drought.

Yes, I have seen giant towers

in ruin, Here on this train

of eclectic tracks.

Can’t you see what I am seeing?

I have seen oily days slip

into oblivion; Seen poverty in

the midst of abundance.

Indeed, I have seen euphoria

ladden in tragedy, right her

On this mane of cruel tackles.

Oh, these my eyes are hitching!

I have seen sanity molesting insanity

at the site of extant life.

Also, seen young men and women

fritter way uneaarned goodwill

in a furnace of burning greed;

Here, on this bane of running battles.

Hmm! And this is no sight-seeing!

I have seen palaces and orphanages

peopled with homelessness.

Indeed, I have seen death and –


Right here on this ageing continent.

So what next do I need to see?

I could see something bright and


See lively hopes and scope.

Hey, I could see abundant grains

and wheat soon out of –

This horizon rise. VF.

By Joseph Ojo to Babatunde Fashola, BFHS, ’77/78 set, 5c, Momah House.

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