Notice Of Bifoba General Meeting

Fellow Old boys,

​Notice of BIFOBA National General Meeting:

Date:     Sunday 10th June 2018

Venue:  BIFOBA Auditorium

Time:     3:00 pm

1.​ ​Call to order
2.​ ​Rendition of the 1st stanza of our School Hymn
​3​.​ ​Opening Prayer
​4​.​ ​GP’s Opening Remarks
​5. Recognition of the New Guild of Awardees and other members of the Guild ​
​6​.​ ​Presentation and adoption of the Report and financial statement of the Home Coming Event
​7​.​ ​School Reports
     (a) ​P​resentation and ratification of Bifoba Project for the Financial year
     (b) Roof repairs
​9​.​ ​Any other Business
     (a) May /June ​B​irthday celebration
​10.​ ​General
​     (a) House Count and Financial ​
​11 .Adjournment
​12. ​Closing Prayers
1​3​.​ ​Rendition of the last stanza of our school hymn.

Members are hereby encouraged to attend on time.

Thank you.


Mr Olise-Emeka Nwachukwu
General Secretary

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