SCARCE Donated Books to Birch Freeman High School (Report By Foluso Adeyemi)

In June 2016, School & Community Assistance for Recycling & Composting Education (SCARCE), a charity organization in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA, donated books worth of thousands of dollars in various subjects of learning to Birch Freeman High School (BFHS), Lagos, (Surulere) Nigeria. Ms. Bev Jaszczurowski, Director of Communication and Business Development for SCARCE, delivered the books to Rev. Olufemi Morgan, the past president of North America Chapter.

Photograph of some of the donated books

During the North America chapter’s reunion event in Chicago July 2016, Rev. Femi Morgan presented the books to the chapter. According to Rev. Morgan, the donated books would be shared with BFHS’ sister school: Methodist Girls High School (MGHS), Lagos, (Yaba) Nigeria. The donated books would help to brighten the future of students of BFHS/MGHS by providing them additional high-quality books for the best education possible. Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye, NA chapter’s president, reported that all the books are ready to be shipped to Birch Freeman High School in Lagos.

SCARCE promises to continue to support and assist Birch Freeman High School with educational materials as needed in future. SCARCE is an organization that is dedicated to education by collecting extra surplus high-quality textbooks (text, reference, and library) from schools in the USA and putting them into the hands of students (near and far) who need them.


Photograph: Rev. Femi Morgan (BIFOBA) and Ms. Bev. Jaszczurowski (SCARCE)

Click below to read the appreciation letter from Rev. Femi Morgan to SCARCE


Letter of Appreciation To SCARCE

 Report: Foluso Adeyemi

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