The Global President Appreciation

BIFOBA President

FROM:           Barr. Kingsley Essien (Global President, BIFOBA )

TO:                 All members of BIFOBA 


My dear Brothers,

Welcome to the month of October. October is a very important month in the history of our great country – Nigeria. This is the month that Nigeria, our dear Country got her independence. Our Country is now 56 years old. Your Alma Mater, is also 56 years old. As we celebrate Nigeria, for remaining as one nation up to 56 years, let us also celebrate our Alma Mater and by extension, ourselves for having attended a school that shares the same age with Nigeria. Congratulations.

Gentlemen, I am in a good mood, I appeal to all of you to please join me in thanking and appreciating our dear 1972 set for being the first set to respond to my plea that we must take our destiny in our own hands and look for ways to complete our dear Auditorium.

Recall that in my briefing to you dated September 14, 2016, I attached a quotation for the supply and installation of powder coated Aluminium casement windows and fixed light and swing doors to our Auditorium.

Items needed were broken down into nine (9) as follows:

(1) 13nos Supply and installed powder coated

 aluminium casement windows glazed with 5mm

thick clear glass, with sub-frame size 1500 × 1700mm

high (Hall & Toilet Lobby Left) W1 @ N110, 541. N1, 437, 033

(2) 4nos Ditto, W2 size 1200 × 1700mm high (Back Hall)

@ 92, 000. N368, 000

(3) 17nos Ditto, Projected W3 (Left toilet & kitchen)

size 750 × 750mm high @ 29, 638. N503, 846

(4) 10nos Ditto, fixed W4 (Hall:at up)size

1500×750mm high @ N44, 285. N442, 850

(5) 72nos Ditto, projected W3 (Conference & store) size

750 × 750mm high @ N29, 638. N2, 074, 660

(6) 36nos Ditto, fixed W5 (Conference & store) size

750 × 750mm high @ N791, 856

(7) 4nos Ditto, 10mm 2-side fixed double swing door

D1 size 2400 × 2200mm high (Back Hall)

@ N491, 557. N1, 966, 228

(8) 2nos Ditto, 10mm fixed double swing doors

D3 size 1800 × 2200mm high (Toilet main entrance)

 @ N400, 761. N801, 522

(9)    5nos Ditto, 10mm fixed double swing door D4 size 1500 × 2200mm high (Kitchen & store) 

       @ N332, 877. N1, 664,385                                                                                                                                                      

I am happy to inform you that our dear 1972 set graciously adopted item No 1 which cost N1, 437, 033.00. They also raised a Bank draft for the said sum in our favour. 1972 Set, thank you very much. May God bless and replenish all of you. I assure you on behalf of Exco that your money will be put to use for the purpose it is meant. 

Gentlemen, this is a challenge to other Sets. What can we do as a Set to help complete our Auditorium? I will be delighted to have announcements from Sets as to what they intend to do during our General Meeting of Sunday October 9, 2016.

Please attend early as it promises to be a great meeting.


My dear brothers, please permit me to remind you of the following date


This day is our Founders day. Please note the date in your Dairy and keep it free. As it is our tradition, we shall celebrate our Founders day. The publicity secretary will keep you informed of the details of the celebration.

     2. HOME COMING 2017 – SATURDAY APRIL 29, 2017.

This day will be our Home Coming day for the year 2017. Please note this date in your Dairy and keep it free. Further details about the day will be made available soon. Watch out.

God bless you all. Have a beautiful day.

Yours sincerely,

Your Global President.

Barr. Kingsley Essien.

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