Uk Chapter Takes Off in a Grand Style

UK Chapter Takes off in a Grand Style in March 2012

The meeting started with the singing of the school’s hymn, and Mr. Adekunle Afuwape lead the opening Prayer.

It was agreed that based on seniority, Mr. Oduwole of the 1978 set should chair the meeting. The history of the school was the initial point of discussion, followed by members asking about their long, old, lost friends and trying to find out where they are and what they are doing. Members also conversed about issues surrounding the school: the current size of the school, the new gate, and BIFOBA Nigeria (headquarter) and North America chapter in general. During the discussion of BIFOBA, Nigeria, Minutes of their general meeting held in the school’s hall, when Mr. Theo Odunlami was in Lagos, was passed round for members to read.

The selection of interim executives was then conducted. It was agreed that Mr. Olayinka Oduwole would be the interim president, Mr. Emmanuel Warrie: interim general secretary, and Mr. Theo Odunlami: interim financial secretary.

Members also agreed that the next two meetings will be at the same venue and consented that each member should encourage and invite other old boys they know to come to the next meeting on Sunday, April 22nd 2012. Members were excited, and everyone promised to bring along a new member to the next meeting.

The National President Mr. Feyisola Oladejo Dinyo called in while the meeting was in progress. He expressed his views about the first inaugural meeting of the UK chapter. He was pleased that the chapter has taken off and spoke with each member. He thanked everyone present for taking the time to attend and pledged his support for the chapter.

The North America President Mr. Femi Morgan also called in to the meeting. Expressing his delight and heart-feel joy for the commencement of the UK chapter, he said a big “thank you” to members at the meeting and encouraged every one to work hard to make the chapter a vibrant one. Pledging his support for the chapter, Mr. Morgan promised to give the chapter access to the BIFOBA national website and also promised to assist and work with the start-up team.

When Mr. Adekunle Afuwape was leaving the meeting, he contributed £50 to the association. Mr. Afuwape’s donation prompted other members into action. Donations as follows: Mr. Theo Odunlami £40, Mr. Sola Joseph £20, Mr. Olayinka Oduwole £20, Mr. Emmanuel Warrie £10, Mr. Olugbenga Haastrup £20, Mr. Stephen Shotonwa £20, Mr. Femi Akinlotan £20, and Mr. Taiwo Enilolobo (Pledged) £50. It was a cheerful moment when each member gave without being asked to do so (This is a proof of our school’s motto: Trained for Duty and For Thee). The total contribution for the day was £200 plus £50 (Pledge).

Small refreshment was served. Members ate, drank, and merry together. The bill for all the merriment was settled by three members who felt it right to honour others at the first inaugural meeting.

The next meeting was fixed for the 22nd of April 2012 at 6pm. With the singing of the second stanza of the school’s hymn, the meeting ended at 8pm. And immediately followed by a short photographing session

UP UK Chapter! UP School! Up BIFOBA!

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