Bifoba President Periodic Briefing – December 2016.

December 18, 2016


The Desk of the Global President

Barrister Kingsley Essien, GP, MGA.

To: All Members of BIFOBA


Fellow Old Boys.

Compliment of the season. On behalf of the Exco National, I wish all of you the most pleasant Christmas ever and a very prosperous new year 2017.

This is my briefing to you on the activities of our Association from the 29th of November 2016 to December 19, 2016.

As usual, please do me a favour. If you are lucky to receive this briefing, please forward same to your set members or other Bifoba members whose e –mail addresses you may have access to. Please spread the Gospel of BIFOBA. Thank you.


1.01.    Our compulsory monthly executive meeting took place on Thursday, December 8, 2016 while the compulsory General Meeting also took place as usual on Sunday, December 11, 2016. I seize this opportunity to thank all Exco members and all members who found time despite their very busy schedule to attend those meetings. I also use this opportunity to greet all members whose Birthday fell into the month of December. On behalf of all our members worldwide, I wish you once again, a very happy birthday. Those of you who attended the General Meeting will recall that we provided a cake to celebrate the occasion. We will continue to celebrate members birthdays monthly. We, however, encourage members to also reciprocate by attending at least the General Meetings of the month that their birthdays fall. You may also call Lanre the welfare officer on 0802537550 to find out the modalities for hosting.


2.01. Dear fellow old boys, In my November briefing, I informed you that we were making progress. I am very happy to inform you that the progress and success story continues. Our North American Chapter brothers answered our call to service. They took up the fixing of all the four swing doors on the back side of the Auditorium facing the entrance. Please see paragraph 3.00 of my November briefing. Your Exco was able to work out something which enabled us to take care of all the four doors, and all the windows. As I write to you, all the windows and all the doors on that side of the Auditorium are fixed and the beauty of your Auditorium is beginning to really show.

2.02. Wait for it! Another miracle. The left side of the Auditorium with ten windows and one swing door are being fixed. Thanks to 1982 Set. Thank you guys. God bless you all.

2.03. Fixing of the Round office at the Mushin end of the school has been taken up by the 1983 Set. Work will soon start. Gentlemen, little by little, our Auditorium is taking shape. Please join me to thank the 1972 Set, North American Chapter, 1982 Set and 1983 Set. God bless you all for heeding my call.

2.04. Round office at the Akobi Crescent side of the school compound is now begging for attention. I call on any Set that is touched to please call me on 08023043967 and let us talk.

2.05. TOILET. Our toilet is in a complete state of disrepair. I have directed that a comprehensive cost of total rehabilitation be made available to me. However, I call on any set/person who may wish to take up this important part of our Auditorium to please call me on 08023043967 and let us talk. God bless you as you call. I will post the quotation for all of us to see.

3.00. MINI STADIUM    

3.01. The 1992 Set is on top of the game with our mini stadium. They have assured me that the stadium will be ready for commissioning during the Home Coming 2017 – April 29, 2017. I don’t want to say more about this project. You only need to attend the Founders day on February 6, 2017 to behold the progress of this project. Thank you 1992 set.

4.00. FOUNDERS DAY 2017

4.01. My briefing in respect of the above dated November 28, 2016 refers. I now call on all endowees and gift donors to please get in touch with me or the welfare officer or the VP school- Arc Ladi Lewis  – 08034706278 or the Publicity Secretary – Mr. Olise Nwachukwu on 08023469613, 08096603333. Please also watch out for information on our Global Platform and other set Platforms and our web site.

5.00 HOME-COMING 2017

5.01. I hereby encourage Sets to organise themselves to pay for tables so as to enable them sit together. I hereby remind you that the date is Saturday April 29, 2017. Dinner fee is N10, 000.00. per couple. This fee covers each old boy and his spouse. A table for 10 will sit five (5) old boys and their five (5) wives. If we have a set that will have up to twenty (20) members in attendance, it means that that set will need a table for forty (40)ie 20 boys and 20 wives. A table for 10 is N100, 000.00. Table for 40 will be N400, 000.00. Please gather your Sets together and start to pay now. Next year’s Home Coming will be organized on Set bases. Please spread this news and start to work on it.

5.02. CELEBRATING SETS–The celebrating sets are = 1977–(40yrs), 1987-(30yrs) and 1992- (25yrs). Unfortunately, it is only the 1992 Set that is in touch with Exco and that is working towards what they intend to show case come April 29, 2017. I don’t know what 1977 and 1987 Sets intend to do. I however advise that they please as a matter of urgency start holding their meetings and then get in touch with the V.P School, Arc Ladi Lewis on the phone number I gave earlier.


6.01. By popular demand and pleading, we have decided to extend the date of commencement of this policy to February 2017 General Meeting. You are hereby advised to take advantage of this extension to pay your N10, 000.00 into our Zenith Bank Plc A/C No. 1010228516. Please pay in your name and scan your teller to This new date will not be extended. Please take note.

7.00. BLAZER

7.01. I have received a lot of calls in respect of the above subject. Let me assure all members who have paid N40, 000.00 and sent their correct jacket sizes that by the Grace of God, you would have your blazers before the Home Coming 2017.


8.01. Recall that we plan to give two teachers, laptops, two teachers, Tablets and two teachers I phones during the Founders Day celebration which comes up on February 6, 2017. In my November briefing, I called for sponsorship. I have not received any response as I write this briefing. I hereby repeat my plea for sponsorship of these items. Please, if the spirit moves you, do call me or Olise or Lanre or Ladi Lewis. Our phone numbers are in the earlier paragraphs of this briefing. Please, let us appreciate these teachers.Thank you.


9.01. It is eight (8) months into the 2017/17 BIFOBA year, yet most of us have not paid our dues. Now I ask you, how do you expect exco to run the affairs of your Association? Once again I plead with you to please pay your dues of N12, 000.00 only to our account with Zenith Bank Plc A/C No. 1010228516 and please confirm payment to the treasurer, Mr. Bayo Bakare on phone No. 08023177876 or e-mail-


10.01. My dear brothers, we must thank God for the journey this far. The challenge has been enormous. However, because we were trained for duty and for God, HE has not deserted us. I pray that we will all witness the end of the year 2016 and see many more years in good health and that BIFOBA will continue to grow from strength to strength.


Yours Sincerely

 Barr. Kingsley Essien, MGA

Global President


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