Birch Freeman High School New Principal

BFHS New Principal: Mrs. Oluwakemi Oke

Mrs. Oluwakemi Oladele Oke is the new Principal of Birch Freeman High School, replacing Mrs. Mojirade Babatunde who just retired.  Mrs. Oke is also the wife of an Old Boy Prof. Wale Oke, a member of the Guild of awardees. The information of Mrs. Oke posting was first mentioned to Olise-Emeka Nwachukwu, BIFOBA Publicity Secretary, by Tosin Adebulu, a younger Old Boy. The information was shared with the BIFOBA Executive Committee, BIFOBA president, Barr. Kingsley Essien, and former president Mr. Feyisola Dinyo. The president and Mr. Feyi Dinyo recalled seeing Mrs. Oke at BFHS recent event and were excited about the new development.

Mrs. Oke, after resumption, was invited to the BIFOBA Executive Meeting to share her plans for the school, which has been a tradition after posting of new Principal. Mrs. Oke Oluwakemi Oladele Oke at the meeting briefly shared how she was posted to BFHS and was excited. She had once taught at BFHS before returning to the Lagos State Educational Board as a Director. She briefed the Executive members of her plans and promised to continue to improve the standard of leaning at BFHS by ensuring the boys (students) are properly groomed and taught in both character and learning.  She mentioned that her vision is to subsequently ensure the results obtained by the boys have competitive advantage globally and are useful at higher educational degree and relevance in their future endeavours.

She shared early resumption experience by appreciating both the current government led by Mr. Amode and his predecessor Mr. Babatunde Fashola, for their commitment to education and development of BFHS. She further mentioned that BFHS is endeavoured with massive infrastructure and thanked the Old Boys for participating in the development of their Alma Mater. She mentioned that most of the electrical fittings had been removed and the restrooms were in a deplorable state resulting to her quick employment of a cleaner to sanitize the restrooms. According to her, in the whole school, there is only one English Teacher, teaching the various arms in English Language and Literature in English. She quickly worked out the redeployment of a second English Teacher to the school by liaising with the Lagos State Educational Board. She promised to work with BIFOBA in restoring the glory of the school by ensuring the boys are groomed in character and learning. In her discussion, she expressed her excitement in being part of the success story of the school, particularly mentioning that it has produced notable personalities in the society including her husband. She emphasized the need to work with the junior school administration in the further achievement of the goals, stating that the senior school is directly fed with pupils from the junior school.

Mrs. Oke being a woman of class and excellent demeanour pledged to work with BIFOBA Executives in the realization of their dream school that will compete globally with its contemporaries. She mentioned that her colleagues (Teaching and Non-teaching Staff) will work together along with junior school administration and raise the standard of BFHS. In her words, BFHS will become once again an admired school for the development of young boys to distinguished gentlemen. Her drive is to mentor young minds and build a great culture boys who are groomed properly both academically and socially. She promised to maintain a good environment for exciting learning by introducing attractive features in the development of their minds and characters. She enjoyed BIFOBA to continue in its drive especially with the assistance of maintaining the structures and tradition of the school.

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