Birch Freeman High School Old Boys Association, Uk Chapter. The Minute Of Meeting Held On 28/10/2012 At Kc Bar, London.


  1. Mr Gbenga Haastrup         
  2. Mr Remi  Bademosi
  3. Kola Odunlami
  4. Femi Akinlotan
  5. Sola Joseph
  6. Daniel Okoturo
  7. Wole Shodipo
  8. Emmanuel Warrie
  9. Abiola Olaifa via Skype

 The meeting started at 6.00 pm with the opening prayer said by Mr. Daniel Okoturo, this was followed by the singing of the first and last stanza of the school hymn.  Next was the introduction of members present.

The following members sent apologies for their inability to attend the meeting:

Mr. Herbert Eke,

Mr Steve Shotonwa

Mr Olayinka Oduwole

and Mr. Tope Fowora.

The minute of last meeting was read and there was no observation raised. Therefore the motion for adoption was called and this was moved by Mr. Gbenga Haastrup and seconded by Mr. Theo Odunlami.



1.) Format of Meeting: The meeting started by deciding the format the minutes need to take, after comparing the 3 available formats, the format by the Interim Publicity Secretary was chosen.

2.) Membership Drive: It was agreed by the house to continue in the direction agreed from the last meeting.

3.)  87th Set Member Party: The party was attended by Mr Sola Joseph and the interim general secretary Mr Emmanuel Warrie. The members of the 87th set were informed about the activities and objectives of the UK Chapter and were encouraged to join the chapter’s meetings.  The secretary of the 87 Set promised to inform other members and invite them to the meetings.


The house agreed on the need to have a social get-together to allow members to relax and bond. It was agreed that The November 2012 meeting would be the last for the year and this would be the coming together of members for social relaxation.  25/11/2012 was agreed for the event. The interim welfare secretary was asked to work on modalities with other members to make the day a success at a moderate cost.


1.) The Interim president informed the house of the following invitations and asked for those interested in attending;

  1. Igbobi College Dinner – 09/11/2012
  2. Regan Girls School Dinner – 16/11/2012

2.) Sola Joseph was given the Arsenal football ticket from the Sport Day Event.

3.)  Mr Bright (former chemistry teacher) at Birch Freeman High School, Surulere invited members to his church for a special service.

4.)  The house expects to receive feedback from members who attends the various events in the January 2013 meeting and feedback expected about the postal address for the chapter.

HOUSE SURVEY: Dada – 2, Momah – 2, Solarin – 2, Soremekun  -2

The motion to close the meeting was moved by Mr Remi Bademosi and seconded by Femi Akinlotan. This was followed by the singing of last stanza of the school hymn and the closing prayer was taken by Mr Wole Shodipo


Emmanuel Warrie

Interim General Secretary (IGS)

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