Birch Freeman High School Old Boys Association, Uk Chapter. The Minute Of Meeting Held On 30/09/2012 At Kc Bar, London.




  1. Olayinka Oduwole 
  2. Remi Bademosi
  3. Kola Odunlami
  4. Femi Akinlotan
  5. Sola Joseph
  6. Daniel Okoturo
  7. Wole Shodipo
  8. Emmanuel Warrie

 The meeting started at 6.00 pm with the opening prayer said by Mr. Wole Shodipo, this was followed by the singing of the first and last stanza of the school hymn.  Next was the introduction of members present.

The following members sent apologies for their inability to attend the meeting:

Mr. Herbert Eke,

Mr. Kunle Afuwape and

Mr. Tope Fowora.

The minute of last meeting was read and observations were made from the minute; among which Mr, Femi Akinlotan noted that the minutes should have stated interim executives and not executives.  No other observation was raised, therefore the motion for adoption was called and this was moved by Mr. Kola Odunlami and seconded by Mr. Olayinka Oduwole.



The house resolved that the members present should continue to spread the news/information around and members who have not been seen for some time or seemed to have stopped coming for meetings needs to be contacted and urged to come back.  There is need for the set of Wole Shodipo to come on board in our meetings and members’ attending the set meeting has been mandated to spread the news and sensitise them about the UK Chapters aim and the need to join our meetings.  Wole will inform the chapter when next they have their meeting.


The house deliberated on various projects for the school but it was reiterated that members should bond well with one another first before any project  can be undertaken by the chapter. The project will be undertaken solely by the chapter.

The following are some of the projects suggested;

1.         Books for the school.

2.         Laboratory equipment for the science labs.

3.         Stationery for the school.

4.         Auto card for technical.

5.         Computers and many more.


Mr. Kola Odunlami suggested to the house that minutes should be ready on time, properly typed out and copies need to be distributed to members at the meetings.  Also there is need for each minute to be archived for easy access to members and on the website for easy regular update.  The various ways these can be achieved was deliberated upon and the house concluded that the suggestion given by Mr Femi Akinlotan will be the right course.  Mr Akinlotan had suggested that the Interim General Secretary and the Interim Publicity Secretary should work together to get the minutes ready on time and ensure they are stored properly.

All the previous minutes should be posted and stored on BIFOBA UK website; all interim executives should work together but without interference from one another in carrying out their roles.

Website for the chapter was also discussed and the house agreed that we continue to use the one in use for now, while we look at the possibility of setting up the chapter’s fully owned one and the chapter can seek assistance from others like the USA.

 Feedback from Mr. Remi Bademosi on postal address and bank account for the association. The chapter can open a P. O. Box address just by getting and filling the necessary forms and making all payments. The details needed for opening the associations bank account are; Copies of previous minutes, postal address and 3 members who will be signatories to the account.

 The Interim Welfare Secretary requested for the forwarding addresses of the two former UK Chapter members who have relocated to Nigeria in order to send them good will messages either in the form of a letter or card on behalf of the association.


Voluntary contributions                              £75:00

Less amount for refreshments                    £31:00

Balance                                                          £44:00

The motion to close the meeting was moved by Mr. Femi Akinlotan and seconded by Mr. Remi Bademosi,

 This was followed by the singing of the last stanza of the school hymn. 

The closing prayer was taken by Mr. Wole Shodipo.

The next meeting is agreed to be at same venue, time is 6:00pm and date is 28/10/2012.   


Emmanuel Warrie

Interim Secretary

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